What will be the mandatory additional costs?

You need to register a domain for your future website. Its cost depends on the domain registration zone.

What is a domain?
The domain can be registered on the website imena.ua or on any other domain name registrar website.

* There is NO need to pay for hosting, it is included in the website rental price.




How to add a filter to an online store

In all online store templates for rent, you can add filters to quickly find the desired product.

The filter settings are flexible, which means that you can set your own filters for each product category.

  • Go to the “Filters” module
  • Click the "Add Entry" button
  • Fill in the “Group name” field
  • Click the “Save” button.

The group has been created.



Add entries to the created group by clicking on the “Add entry” button. Each subrecord will be a specific filter. It needs to be added, named and saved. So, you need to do the next:

  • Click the “Add entry” button
  • Fill in the “Characteristics name” field. The CNC field will be filled in automatically.
  • Select the filter type and unit of measurement, if needed.
  • If you need a *Product Modifier, check the box.
  • Click the “Save” button.



Add values to each characteristic and click the “Save” button


We finish creating the filter by linking it to a category
  • Go to the “Categories” module
  • Click the “Edit entry” icon
  • Click the “Select” button to select a filter
  • Click the “Save” button and see the result on the website



In the “Products” module, for each product, select a characteristic value and click the “Save” button.

* If everything about a product is the same, but only the price changes due to color, size or quantity, you need to check the “Product modifier” checkbox for the filter. Then, when editing a product, you can set a different price on the “Modifications” tab that were created for this filter.



If the product has a modification:

  • Go to the “Products” / “Product Editing” module
  • Go to the “Modifications” tab
  • First, in the “Select product modifiers” field, we find a group of filters and then below for each filter/modifier value we set the necessary properties: cost, article or availability
  • Click the “Save” button




Are there any types of advertising on your website templates?

There are NO direct or hidden advertising in our templates for online store sites, catalog sites and landing pages. We do not place advertising banners, texts or other types of advertising, providing the opportunity in the templates to do this yourself. Advertising space for your banners is provided in the center on the main page in the form of a wide banner and in the left column on the internal pages of online stores.




What options are there for filling an online store?

An important point when renting an online store is the automatic updating of the product catalog. When filling automatically, prices, balances and other information are updated.
Most often, automatic synchronization occurs through an Excel file, csv, txt, xml and other formats. The most advanced option is synchronization with 1C on the fly.
If the catalog is small, you can do it manually.




What information can be changed on the website?

You can change all text information. The main menu, news, blog, catalog and other information are located in the main sections of the admin panel on the left. For example, to change the text on the main page, you need to open “Edit Entry” in the “Menu” module opposite the corresponding line, then the “Texts” tab - change the information and click the “Save” button:

Information such as telephone numbers in the header and footer of the site, names of fields of various forms and other short words and phrases throughout the site are edited in the dictionary. The dictionary is located in the upper right part of the admin panel, in the drop-down menu under the “gear” icon:

The dictionary also contains settings and service data: Google Analytics, counters and more.




How to change the logo?

In the site administration system, select the “Appearance” tab, select “Logo” in the “General settings” drop-down menu and click the “Select file” button.


You can also change other site design settings in the appearance module.




How to place a Google map?

The easiest and free way is to take the html code that Google gives on the “Share” tab and paste it into the dictionary variable: Dictionary/MAP/iframe




Where can I add Google Analytics code?

The Google Analytics code must be inserted into the dictionary variable along the path: Dictionary/GENERAL/google_analitics.

For other third-party codes, two variables are provided:

  • If you need to place code between head tags, the path is: Dictionary/GENERAL/head.
  • If the code needs to be placed before the closing tag, then: Dictionary/GENERAL/counters.



Does the site generate an xml sitemap?

Yes, it does. It is available at: https://your domain/sitemap.xml




How to connect EasyPay?

After registering on the EasyPay website, you need to link their system with the site. To do this, special keys are used that need to be transferred from the EasyPay account to the admin panel:

After this, you need to write to EasyPay support to have the following url added to Merchant.UrlNotify
https://your_domain/merchant/notify_easypay/ (for multilingual sites watch here.)
You will also need to send your logo to EasyPay and agree with them on the anti-fraud rules.




How to connect LiqPay?

To connect LiqPay, you need to go through the store activation procedure in your LiqPay account. In this case, all questions are discussed with LiqPay support service.
To connect LiqPay with the site, you need to transfer the public and private keys.

Test mode must be turned off. Additionally, you need to check the Post data box in the Checkout section of the API tab:




Possibility of freezing a site for rent

If you need to suspend the operation of a site for a while for any reason, our clients always have the option of freezing any site for rent: an online store, a catalog site or a landing page.

  • The database and updated files are given to you from the archive for safekeeping for your responsibility.
  • If it is necessary to update the work of the site, we obviously have no problem with it, due to the fact that there is an archive with a database and files on top.