Tips and answers from the Sitewill team




When your business may need an online store for rent


- If you sell products offline and want to sell products online, but don't know where to start
- You don’t plan to spend a lot of money on developing an online store
- A full-fledged online store is required
- Would you like your site to be friendly with Google?
- Need a website today



Choose online store options and test the site administration system. We will be happy to answer questions about renting websites and help you choose a template.




What do you get when renting an online store?

- A full-fledged online store with the ability to process orders
- A site administration system that you can easily understand
- Ability to change colors, texts and images of the site
- When renting for a year we can help with filling
- A support 24/7


Look at which online stores are already rented.

We offer you to see how much it costs to rent an online store




If you advertise products on Instagram

Try renting an online store if you advertise your products on Instagram and are wondering how to connect a payment gateway. You will receive a complete shopping cart to complete your order. Contact us, we will be happy to enable these functions in one day.