All websites for rent from Sitewill have the same fixed price, regardless of the type of a website: online store, information site or landing page. Payment depends only on the disk space used by the website. The more additional files and images you upload, the higher cost is.

There are no restrictions on the used functions of rental sites, which you can manage in the administration panel, the number of new pages, added products and images. They do not affect the cost of the website. You can choose any period you want to pay in advance.

* Let us remind you that hosting is included in the website rental price.
** You can pay monthly
*** Updates for all the rented websites are free



Disk space, GB * Items quantity, pcs ** Monthly price, USD
1 4 000 7.3
2 8 000 13.1
4 24 000 23.6

* The calculation is average and depends on the number of photos,

texts, and additional files